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Low Friction Self Reversing Screws

  • OEM
  • Single nut
  • Stainless steel
  • NO

Product Basic Data

Material of screw steel , stainless steel , aluminium alloy or customer-specified
Material of nut steel , stainless steel ,copper ,aluminium alloy or customer-specified
Nut type Single nut ,double nut
Manufacturing process Milled Thread
Drawing format: JPEG,PDF,STEP
Products certification: ISO9001:2015, RoHS,
Length customer-specified

OEM model , we can produce the reciprocating screw your requirement .

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Features of reciprocating screw:

The friction resistance is small, and the difference between dynamic and static friction is extremely small. Low wear, long life and good accuracy retention. The clearance can be eliminated well and the transmission rigidity is improved. The friction loss is small, the transmission efficiency is high, and there is reversibility. Instantly convert rotary motion into linear motion, or convert linear motion into rotary motion.



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