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AC motor housing

Aluminum die casting

BLDC motor cover

DC motor cover

DC Motor Housing

Die-casting bracket

Die-casting components

Die-casting connect components

Die-casting connector

Die-casting controller cover

Die-casting controller panel

Die-casting cover

Die-casting diesel component cover

Die-casting diesel component housing

Die-casting flange

Die-casting gearbox housing

Die-casting housing

Die-casting mounting plate

Die-casting pump impeller

Die-casting tube

Die-casting turning component

Die-casting valve housing

Die-casting wheel

Diesel engine housing

EC Motor cover

EC Motor Housing

gear motor cover

Gear motor housing

High precision mechanical parts

High precision profiled shafts

Lead screw

Low Friction Self Reversing Screws

Motor shafts

Multifunctional profiled products

Multifunctional profiled products for Industrial automation

Multifunctional profiled products for Intelligent warehousing&Logist

Multifunctional profiled products for Marine industry

Multifunctional profiled products for medical equipment

Multifunctional profiled shaft for Engineering machinery

Multifunctional profiled shaft for every kind of motors

Multifunctional profiled shaft for Industrial automation

Multifunctional Profiled Shaft for Intelligent Warehousing&Logist

Multifunctional profiled shaft for Textile automation

Multifunctional profiled shafts

Piston of diesel engine

Planetary gear disc High precision mechanical parts

Planetary gear housing High precision mechanical parts

Precision Plate

Precision plate for Engineering machinery

Precision plate for every kind of motors

Precision plate for Industrial automation

Precision plate for Intelligent warehousing&Logist

Precision plate for Marine industry

Precision plate for medical equipment

Precision plate for Textile automation

Precision shaft for every kind of motors

Precision shaft for Industrial automation

Precision shaft for Intelligent warehousing&Logist

Precision shaft for medical equipment

Precision shaft for Textile automation

Precision shafts

Precision small size products

Precision small size products for Engineering machinery

Precision small size products for Industrial automation

Precision small size products for Marine industry

Precision small size products for medical equipment

Precision small size products for Textile automation

Precision tube

Precision tube for Engineering machinery

Precision tube for Industrial automation

Precision tube for Marine industry

Precision tube for medical equipment

Precision tube for Textile automation

Reciprocating screw

Reciprocating screw nut

Sand casting

Servo motor cover

Stepping motor

Supercharge housing of diesel engine

Turbocharger housing of diesel engine

Virtual products

Water pump cover



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